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September 29, 2011
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Fallout NCR Ranger Cosplay WIP by Allyson-x Fallout NCR Ranger Cosplay WIP by Allyson-x
NCR Veteran Ranger (C) Bethesda,
Costume made by me!

If you dont know anything about Fallout, heres some youtube for you :) [link] (starts about a minute in) and [link]

This is a little WIP update, because I am very excited about my costume and wanted to share with you guys what I have been spending a lot of my free time (and free money, yikes!) working on. I used the guidence of several other amazing costumers and will give them full credit once the costume is completed, and hope to have a more in depth tutorial of sorts to help out anyone else who wants to make this costume :)

If you don't know, this is the NCR (New California Republic) Veteran Ranger, who you may recognize from the cover of Fallout: New Vegas. Basically, in the game you want to kill this guy and get his armor, or have good ties with the NCR to have access to it.

Some detailage:

1. First picture is the side view of the mask, which was made out of paper (yes, paper!) using Pepakura. I hardened it with liquid plastic, spray painted, and dry brushed to make the metal look old and warn. You see the fan on the side? I actually have a working mini-electronics fan! It helps me breath and get fresh, cool air :)

2. Second picture shows the mask from a different angle. Those connector things have a large hose and smaller black cable that attatch, not pictured. The red lens are difficult to see out of, but necessary. Its a red plastic folder from staples.

3. This is the camera box, which need to be attached to the helmet (will happen next week, dad to the rescue!). It has an on/off switch (not hooked up yet) that is going to turn on the camera and light on top (not pictured). I had a hard time getting the right LEDs... so the big camera box may have a giant red light, which isnt what its supposed to be, but I think looks really cool :)

4. This helmet was my dads from when he was in the army! He let me paint / destroy it! (no marking have been made yet, this is still being worked on). Also, my ammo belt I bought from the halloween costume store, it needs to be modified a bit.

5. + 6. The jacket. I made this thing! I'm pretty proud and myself, it was a long process but I think it came out pretty awesome :) I modified a matrix jacket pattern and use duckcloth. There are tons of bullet holes all over it that you can't really see in the picture (once again, dad to the rescue! He shot at my jacket for me ^^). For the most part the jacket is the only thing that is nearly 100% completed.

So... there you go! Thats what I have been working on. All the parts still need to be worked on. The chest armor is a nightmare and not pictured because I have two different versions I am playing around with.

If you want help making your own, I will post a tutorial / resource type thing after my con :)

If you watch me for the pokemons: Sorry XD More pokemons to come in the near future!
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FusRoMeow Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Soooo awesome oh my goodness x_x I'm currently working on this costume and I have no idea how to even do the helmet. Would you ever consider doing some sort of commission for it? Like just the mask part? Yours is the best I've seen :D
Thank you!The mask is just Pepakura. Google Pepakura and the Veteran Ranger mask and you should find everything you need for it. The helmet is my dad's military helmet he let me use XD
nukefox1 Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks great!
I browsed the pepakura database and was unable to find the plans for the mask, any chance you could post them? :D
Im not sure where I have them, sorry D: They should be online someplace though a lot of people have made this
wow very nice
you should do Elite pre-war Riot Gear :D
Distilledwasteland Oct 23, 2012  Student Artist
You sit have given me quite an idea lol and I didn't know that amor was in new Vegas O.o
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